Our mission is to provide quality home health care.

My name is Denise Williams, I began my journey in this life altering field in 1999, I was a paraprofessional in a life-skills class. From there I flourished into my own business, really taking an interest in the developmentally disabled community. I started Helping Hands of Flagler County, LLC. in 2007. I registered myself for any and all trainings and courses so I could expand my knowledge and experience to help individuals and their families in need of various services. My family has all worked with me and supported me throughout my expansion. I am now at a point in my life where my children have grown up and moved out, so I can focus even more of my time into this beautiful business I have created. I've found my passion in life and it brings me great satisfaction to be able to continue helping new families everyday. I have recently entered into Elder care so I can make a difference in more lives.  I may run my business from an office, but I still make sure to go out in the field and spend time with the individuals who inspire me more and more every day! 


About Us

Our mission is to provide quality home health care